Sunshower ExperienceSunshower Benefits

Sunlight is essential for your health. Sunshower guarantees that you receive the correct, low dose of sunlight that stimulates the body to produce vitamin D. The result? You will be more energetic and you maintain a healthy tan. Warm infrared light relaxes, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain. Sunshower is designed for use in wet environments. Sunshower is placed in the shower allowing for an unforgettable experience: showering and sunshowering at the same time. Come and view this exclusive tanning system on display at Eastbourne Bathrooms & Tiles. With a balanced UV spectrum that is very close to that of natural sunlight, the Sunshower tans the skin gently. The best tan is obtained by frequent exposure for short periods. This is healthier and less stressful for the skin than large doses of UV light. The Sunshower can be installed in practically any bathroom. All the parts are hidden behind a panel that is just 20 cm deep. Sunshower uses modern technology and high quality products. For instance, the specially treated glass plate is resistant to dirt and lime scale.

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